An advanced & integrated email client that enhances compliance,
security, as well as workflow efficiency and effectiveness.

This component automatically associates all incoming and outgoing emails to their related Cases and Services. Special Case-centred and Service-centred views are then available that will improve workflow efficiency and bottom-line effectiveness.


Additional features include:

  • Secure email – send to only Smart Simple recipients.
  • Full audit log of all correspondence.
  • Email replies are automatically added to evaluator’s List Display.
  • Outgoing emails are sent ‘FROM:’ the current user.
  • Filter on selected Services.
  • Brief or expanded email List Display.
  • Compose new emails, and automatically log these against the current Case or Service.
  • Supports email templates – improves consistency and efficiency.

Some screen shots:

Email pop-up list display



Compose Email using a Template



To fully understand how this component will improve your business,