IME assessment service &
evaluator calendaring

Automating the workflow of scheduling service appointments, evaluators,
and assessment location.



A SmartSimple add-on scheduling component that helps you match WHOWHERE, and WHEN:

  • Who – find and assign an evaluator based on specialty, availability, and cost.
  • Where – also, pick evaluator based on proximity to claimant or assessment location.
  • When – select based on earliest availability to better meet SLA requirements. Also prevents double booking.

Simultaneously schedule appointments between Claimant and an appropriate Evaluator for each Assessment service, then have each notified automatically be email.

Other Features include:

  • Tracks every appointment.
  • Visually illustrates available times versus booked times.
  • Provides warnings when appointment times do not conform with SLA requirements.
  • Integrates with standard SmartSimple evaluator calendar.
  • Flexible method for setting each evaluator’s availability.
  • Easily monitor evaluator costs to help optimize revenue.


To fully understand how this component will improve your business,